Patrick is a Rubyist living in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He discovered Ruby on Rails in 2004 through a project that should've been written in .NET and quickly dreamed for the day he could write Ruby full-time. He is currently having a blast developing Ruby and JavaScript at Iora Health.

Patrick has James Madison University to thank for his strong opinions in favor towards test driven development and pair programming. He preaches the merits of outside-in development using acceptance and unit testing frameworks to build beatiful, well documented, and effective code. He believes a focus on careful domain modeling, loose coupling, and low method complexity are the keys to growing codebases in Ruby.

One of Patrick's favorite aspects of the Ruby community is its constant evolving nature. He helps give back to the community by co-organizing BostonRB, one of the longest running and most attended Ruby User Groups in the US.



BostonRB is the web application serving Boston's active Ruby community. While not overly complex, it showcases high quality Rails development practices and the latest and greatest in gems. Patrick has added Google Calendar functionality and other small patches as the need has arisen.


Kaltura is a ground-up rewrite of the Kaltura-Ruby wrapper provided by a Kaltura itself. It uses httparty, hashie, and the standard Ruby delegate library to provide a much simpler consistant, and idiomatic interface to Kaltura. Test coverage is provided with RSpec and VCR to elminate unecessary HTTP requests.


Kaltura Fu is a Rails convienance library for Kaltura content. It contains view extensions for embedding videos and significantly reduces the pain of dealing with the Kaltura API directly.


Kaltura-Ruby is a Ruby client for the Kaltura API. Patrick maintains this library as the officially released library from Kaltura has not proven to be exceptionaly reliable in the past.


Mobile Path is a library that prepends a new view path for mobile reuqests. It was designed to play nicely with building a completely separate view layer with a library such as JQueryMobile and allows easy overriding when users prefer the normal layout.

Find all my code on Github.


Capybara + RSpec at BostonRB

In this presentation, Patrick provides an alternative to TDD testing Ruby applications using the Capybara DSL paired with RSpec. You can find the slides here.

BrowserCMS at BostonRB

In this presentation, Patrick goes over why BrowserCMS is a compelling option in the Ruby CMS space. You can find the slides here.